Basics of Scene Hair – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

Scene hair is the latest craze since the emo look evolved. Teens everywhere are making this new style their own by following some basic hair style rules. Though similar in many ways to emo, scene hair has some important differences. Essentially, the scene look is a bit brighter and bit lighter than emo. Though scene hair borrows a lot of tricks from emo, it isn’t quite as dark. With scene hair, you can have the striking appearance of emo, but with a slightly more upbeat riff to it.

English: My scene hair ^.^
English: My scene hair ^.^ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First and foremost, scene hair is thinner on the bottom, while it’s thicker and teased up top. The hair that sits below your jaw should be thinned out considerably in order to achieve the overall shape of scene. Layers should be choppy to help add to the volume that’s possible on top. There are many variations in the way that people use layers to create a unique look. The distance between layers will alter the overall look of the do. You can put the short layers in the back of the head and the longer ones in front or vice versa to change the look. Layers may random or cut to frame out the face. It’s up to you.

Razor cut or side-swept bangs are important. Generally, the bangs are parted far off to one side and the hair lands right at the eyebrows. The bangs may also be teased or kept straight. The variations keep it fun! “But it’s important that the hair is healthy (no split ends, please!) and the cut is super-sharp and very straight in order to keep the look of scene hair.

Originality is key with scene hair and a lot of people make use of hair extensions to keep their look unique from day to day. Even if your hair is short, you can create an awesome, longer appearance to your hair using extensions purchased at the salon. There are clip in extensions and, of course extensions that can be attached to the existing hair by your stylist for a slightly longer-lasting do. You can use extensions to get you through an awkward period with your hair while it’s growing out. Whether you’re hoping to do a grunge look or something more along the lines of a “pretty girl”, you can use extensions to get the look you’re going for.

Hair color is also really important to finish off the scene look. Often, scene kids will opt for dark brown or black mixed with a variety of other bright colors. It’s best to head to the salon if you’re hoping to achieve a really sleek scene look because it’s easy to botch hair color at home. There are a lot of crazy colors available through your stylist to inspire you. Be creative and above all, unique in your pickings.