Back to School Hair Styles

Elementary School Age Children

  • Shorter cuts, with and without bangs are appropriate for boys and girls because they are active and won’t stand still to have their hair brushed or combed!
  • Boys don’t want a hairstyle that is fussy and time consuming, they can wear very short razor-cut hair.
  • Girls don’t want to cut their hair, however, hair that is medium length or longer can be pulled into a ponytail, pigtails, or braids.
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Tweens and Teens, you have discovered boys and girls, fashion and hairstyles!

Before school begins, get your hair out of summer mode (chlorine, river, lake, or beach water). See your stylist for best products – don’t use store-bought brands – they’ll make it worse, not better:

  • Use a clarifying shampoo, once a week to get rid of product buildup.
  • Do a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week to restore the oils.
  • Have dry hair? Use moisturizing conditioner. Again, don’t use store-bought product.
  • Have lifeless hair? Add protein (hair conditioner with collagen and elastin).

When you have restored your hair:

Decide whether you’ll keep your current hairstyle or change it: Some tweens prefer to wear their feelings with precision haircuts or use hair color, two popular styles are the emo and scene.  If the above isn’t the case, the popular styles for girls are bobs, and pixie cuts; while boys prefer buzz cuts or fades.

  • Girls with medium length hair may sport the shag or face-framing layers.
  • Boys with longer hair at the crown and shorter hair on the sides and back.
  • The messier, the better!


  • Teens who the love latest fad will love the asymmetrical bob accented with highlights…both boys and girls are wearing them!
  • Longer hairstyles for girls call for the sedu, which is long loose waves, with hair pushed back behind the ear – the style lends itself easily to ponytails when needed. This style can feature bangs, long layers or hair cut blunt to one length.
  • Long, one length hair is not in style for boys, however, longer layered hairstyles are fine.
  • If the style will be drastic, see your hair stylist two weeks before school begins, allowing the hair to grow a bit for a more natural appearance and to become accustomed to the style.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City. Out of town appointments welcome.
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