Back-to-School Hair Cuts for Young Girls – Oklahoma City Hair Color

You can’t go wrong with long hair on a little girl as far as cuteness goes, but let’s face it: it just isn’t always possible to spend time fixing it in the morning. Moms who are realistic tend to opt for shorter hairstyles for their children; some mornings, it’s a struggle to get their daughters to stand still for long.  There’s nothing wrong with opting for shorter hair on children. This year, short hair is very “in”, even for grown women, and there’s no reason why young girls can look their best with hair of a manageable length.

Young Hispanic girl with long black hair runs ...
Young Hispanic girl with long black hair runs through the water on the wet sand on Morro Strand State Beach (Photo credit: mikebaird)

Of course, for moms who have time to spare in the wee hours of the morning to fix their daughter’s hair, longer locks have lots of versatility. You can braid it, twist it into a bun, or pull it back into a pony tail and never worry that your daughter will be mistaken for a boy. Shorter hair is really the same, but there are tricks that you can use to give your daughter a distinctly feminine appearance even though her tresses are short or medium length. Start by getting a girlish cut of the desired length. Then, hit the department stores in search of girly accessories to spice up her style quickly and easily in the morning.

Lots of little girls look really great in a bob cut. The look is cute, has some versatility (you can style it different ways) and it is really easy to fix with a few barrets or even a rubber band. You can opt for a short bob or a medium length bob depending on your daughters taste, but in either case, it should be relatively easy to style it each day. Talk with your stylist about whether bangs would be a good choice for your daughter or not. Sometimes, bangs can make the whole process of fixing the hair more difficult. However, your daughter may have a much more flattering look with some bangs. If this is the case, you might want to consider going ahead with a cut that includes them.

A pixie cut on a young girl isn’t necessarily the best choice just because little girls and little boys can look a lot alike before they hit puberty. However, it is possible to spruce up a pixie cut with some feminine clippies and accessories that the other girls will envy. If you’re considering cutting your daughter’s hair super-short, you might want to talk to your stylist before going through with it and get her honest opinion on how it will look. A little bit of length can go a long way toward adding a touch of femininity to a young girl’s hair style.