Asian Hairstyles Set the Trend

Fashionable hairstyles from Asia have had an increasingly effect on hairstyles around the world. Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea: Asians have some of the most flexible and best looking hair around, so style comes naturally.

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Asian hair is very porous, making it absorb a lot of the moisture from hair products and in the air. Lots of moisture means lots of flexibility with styles and a glamorous, sleek look that many non-Asian women strive for with moisturizing hair products.

From long and flowing curls to short and wispy bobs, Asian hair is constantly setting the stage for the world’s hair fashion. With the wide variety of styles that Asian women can successfully pull off, many contemporary hairstyle trends come straight from Asia, but are adapted to international environments.  Since Asian hair is also generally very heavy, a little hair very easily looks like a lot of hair. Some of the most glamorous, flowing styles that look like they would be hard to pull off are actually very easy with the right preparation. Often times if you would like a beautiful, Asian-style haircut, you will need hair extensions to get the full effect of any hairstyle that requires sleek, heavy hair. Sometimes all you need is the right trendy cut.

Besides the hairstyles themselves, hair highlighting techniques pour straight out of Asia and onto American and European streets and runways. Because Asian hair is either black of very close to black, highlighting gives hair a fantastic, exotic look. Light brown or blonde highlights in black or dark brown hair look much more exotic and exciting than they do in any other hair color.  Of course, you can always go the other way, with dark on light. Contemporary highlighting styles initially began in Japan and South Korea, as a way for young people to stand out from the crowd, and have grown to a staple of international fashion. Dark hair is really gorgeous but, highlighted, it gives a new, distinctive flavor to any head of hair.

If you want to join the thousands of celebrities and every day women following Asian hairstyle trends — whether through wild or flowing styles, highlights, or hair extensions — then you are in luck. Anastasia has a wide variety of experience with any type of hair and can find the style that will work just right for you, whether you have thick, thin, dry, porous, curly, or wavy hair. If you want more Asian-styled hair design, we can get your hair to the perfect consistency to give you that exotic and beautiful look. Call for an appointment or consultation and I am sure you will be pleased with the results. What do you have to lose?

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