All About Today’s Punk

Anyone can pull off a punk hairstyle. A modern-day punk cut is a quirky style that’s mostly flaunted by people who would love to get noticed around town.

Rebel hairstyles offer everyone some diversity, and they help folks express themselves too. Those who are willing to take them on find that there’s nothing boring or ordinary about being a punk, which is probably why so many people are going for them in 2016.

Another perk about this growing voluminous and colorful trend is that the revolutionary hair-flair complements almost any face shape.

Interested? Well, read on partner…

punk hair photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

Long-Hair Rebels

Punk hairstyles for extended locks is all about parting and teasing the mane properly for some pop-culture flaunting. One can expect a variation of colors to highlight several portions around the mane.

Now, we’re not talking about those crazy-80s, fiercely-colored punks, which were rash “in-your-face” declarations; today’s punk coloring is more controlled with an soft, austere-rainbow allure.

Think of musician, Avril Lavigne, who in her thirties can still flaunt a contemporary punk look, even though she hit the big “3-0” last year, and you’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about.

Short Lock Revolts

Punk hairstyles for shorter manes seem to be popular among young adults, who are “still trying to find themselves.”

That’s not to say a mature person can’t pull one off; however, short punks usually own the brightest, crimson-hues, which seem to excite a lot of folks who are still in college.

Short rebel trends come in all flavors–from an eye-popping, undercut approach with personal, color-carved niceties (to pack a punch); to a traditional Mohawk with stripe designs.

But don’t forget, just like the long hair punk, the shorter version is edgy, but not at all “over the top.”

Punks Without colors

Punk haircuts don’t always have to own deep, bold colors in order to make a statement; sometimes, it’s just about working in a little attitude. Imagine a messy ‘do, in a light-color wash with some jagged highlights located throughout the mane.

Now, this may appear fairly tame to most people, but put this style on an individual with a sizzling personality, and you’ll have an overall look that’s sure to turn some heads no matter what.

Rebel hair without color is all about the minute details. For example, styles that are only long on top and short on the sides are not innately revolutionary by themselves; however, if the stylist adds some subtle touches, say uneven edges with textured bangs, this cut gets put on a pedestal for all to see.

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