Agreeing with the Oscars … Gorgeous, Slicked-Back Hair Is Undoubtedly In!

In a realm that feels like it’s been seized by long bobs and red waves—have you seen the number of people who sport the lob now?—it’s been freshening to find a selection of our best-loved females stepping out on the red carpet at the Oscars this week with shiny, slicked-back hair.

slicked back hair photo
Photo by Ashley Campbell Photography

But exactly, what’s so special, now, about the hairstyle that celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and the Kardashians have worn for what feels like more than a decade?

From the Runway to the Streets

Ten years ago, we only found runway models sporting slicked-back hair; but today’s red carpet edition of the look suggests to us that the high-fashion benefit is absolutely wearable beyond fashion week, which encourages all stylists to offer their clients this contemporary image.

Producing the ultra-sleek form involves massaging in finishing products with a relatively less-heavy hand to attain an everyday use, toned-down response, which couples well with a command attire ensemble, like a dark sports jacket/pencil skirt combo.

Short and Slick

A few women do go for a shorter slick-cut that’s lengthier on top. If the Miley Cyrus sleek-look is what you’re considering, your stylist will need to volumize your hair’s top length for lift, and afterwards, slick the remainder of the hair straight back to the neck-line or to the shoulder length. Doing this enables your stylist to effortlessly sleek the shorter hair on the sides of the scalp directly back over the ears.

This design does well on all hair types; yet, it’s not fitting for heart-shaped or box-shaped faces given that sleek hair tends highlight squareness. Hair that is slicked back, straight down does take some gall to pull off. But with today’s females growing more diva every day, I am confident that we’ll be spotting a lot more of the slick-look in the months to come.