A Great Hairstyle for Any Age

Diane Keaton has been setting fashion trends for many years. Who could forget her iconic style in Annie Hall? With just one movie she set in motion the menswear trend that still resonates in fashion today. One thing that sets her apart is that she never tries to hide her age and always looks great and chic. Here we see her in her new style, a layered bob and gorgeous blonde color. This style is very versatile and looks good on almost every women not matter what age or facial shape.
Modern Salon

To get Diane’s look simply apply a quarter sized amount of mousse throughout your hair and using a large barrel round brush pull your hair up and focus the blow dryer on the roots and then draw your brush down the shaft of your hair and curl the ends to create a soft flip. Piece out the fringe and give your hair a loose messy look with a bit of styling paste.

If you want this look ask your stylist for a medium length layered bob. You can also use a flat iron to create a smooth sleek style or fire up your hot rollers or curling iron and achieve soft gorgeous curls. Always use professional products and ask your stylist for her recommendations tailored to your style and hair type. She’s your best resource to keep you looking good no matter what your age.

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