6 Ever Popular Hairstyles for Women – Oklahoma City

Every girl wants to look great with a perfect hairstyle however, finding the one that truly suits your complexion and the shape of your face can be a tough task. While new hairstyles come and go all the time, there are some hairstyles that are classic and can never go out of style. Some of these most popular hairstyles according to some known hair stylists are:



A ponytail is not only stylish but also simple, creating a sporty and chic look. The best thing about ponytails is that these are easy to make and will suit almost anyone. There are many different styles of ponytails; loose, tight, high ponytail, braided ponytail etc. If you want to create a softer look with a ponytail, you can leave bangs around the face.

Soft Curls:

Soft curls and waves not only look natural, they also add a lot of glamour and beauty to your personality. No matter what hair length you have, wavy hair looks great. Nowadays, it is a popular trend to have soft curls starting from below the ears and go along the entire length of the hair. No matter what time or era it is, wavy hair has it appeal and will never be out of style.

Straight, Long Hair:

Another look that is always in style is the straight long hair look that became popular during the 70s and have been associated with style and glamour ever since. The best thing about straight hair is that you can do a lot of things with it. Layers are an amazing way to get the chic yet elegant look. Moreover straight, layered hair suits a lot of different face shapes and looks good on almost anyone.

The Classic Bob:

Bob has been one of the most popular hairstyles ever since it was started in 1920 and looks like it is not going out of style any time soon. The best thing about a bob is that it is very manageable and requires little attention. It has changed a bit from the original bob of the 1920s and still keeps on changes a little with time, but in essence bob style haircut remains the same and is still as popular as ever.  You can keep the bob shorter for a more chic look or keep it a bit longer for the more elegant and sophisticated look.

Shaggy Haircut:

The shaggy hair cut is so popular because it is messy and stylish at the same time, bringing back memories of the rock and roll era. Like the classic bob, the shaggy haircut has also undergone changes over the years but the main style remains the same. The shaggy haircut is very popular with teenage and young girls as it gives them a hip look, but it also looks great on elder women.


If you are looking for a formal, prom or bridal look, you can’t do better than the chignon. It is stylish, chic and elegant and has been in style for many years. A bit of accessories with the chignon and you feel like a princess.