5 Top Hair Trends for Summer 2011 – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Hair trends come and go with each season. It seems all it takes is a few celebrities showing up with a new look, and everyone wants to join in. Like fashion, hair trends are fun and a good way to switch up your looks and get out of a beauty rut. Some of the past trends include the shag of the ’70’s, Farrah Fawcett’s signature feather hairstyle in the original Charlie’s Angels series, and who can forget the big hair of the ’80’s? Not all trends are for everyone, but it is fun to watch and see what comes around the corner next.

Here’s the most popular trends of Summer 2011.

    Fab Sugar

    Feather Extensions – these are real rooster or exotic bird feathers placed in your hair. You can style them just like your natural hair. This means you can use your curling iron, flat iron, hot rollers, wash and blow dry them. If you take care of them, they can be reused several times. If you’re worried about where the feathers come from, be sure to look for no-kill extensions. These are cruelty free and harvested from birds who are bred for their plumage while they are molting. The birds care takers harvest the feathers while they gently groom the birds. You can find feather extensions in natural colors or dyed in bright colors.

  • Ombre Hair – Ombre hair is colored lighter or darker on the ends. This gives you a gradual two tone effect that looks like you’ve spent the summer at the beach. The trend started with dark hair fading into blonde, but recently the opposite effect has also become very popular.

    Dipped Hair – in this trend the ends of your hair are colored into rainbow hues. Dipped hair works best on blonde hair, although if you have dark hair your stylist can bleach the ends before she colors them. How many colors you choose is up to you, the more the better for a very trendy effect.

  • Braids – braids have come out of elementary school and are showing up on runways and red carpets. Fishtail braids worn on the side are hot this summer, as well as French braids. Braids give you a chance to show how creative your stylist is, and they are easy to wear and take care of.
  • Red – red hair is one of the hottest trends, and has been for quite some time. Many celebrities are wearing red hair, and you can get the right shade of red from your stylist. Ask her which professional products she recommends for at home care since red is one of the shades that tends to fade quickly.

These are some of the hottest trends showing up this summer. Be daring and try something with your hair you’ve never considered before. Ask your stylist her opinion and what she recommends. Have fun with your hair and try one of these 5 popular trends soon.

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