5 Dreadlock Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Dreads Healthy – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

You may think maintaining your new dreadlocks is hard, but it’s not. You will have to make some adjustments to your hair care routine, but the maintenance for dreads is fairly easy. You can wash dreadlocks, but you will have to do it a bit differently than before you got your dreads. Your scalp will also need special care since a healthy scalp will help keep your dreads soft and shiny. If you don’t maintain your scalp and hair when you are wearing dreadlocks, you can develop excessive dandruff and an itchy scalp that just won’t quit. Here are 5 dreadlock maintenance tips to keep your dreads healthy.
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Use Natural Haircare Products

Dreadlocks require special products which do not leave a residue or contain harsh chemicals. Your stylist can recommend products for you to use that will keep your scalp health, and your dreads clean and conditioned. Look for products that contain natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.

Wash Your Dreads

Sometimes when you think of dreads, you think of dirty hair. That is just not true. You can keep your dreadlocks clean and conditioned by following this simple procedure: Dampen your hair and apply residue free shampoo. Gently massage your scalp and let the shampoo soak your dreads. Rinse well and use a towel to squeeze out the extra moisture. A microfiber towel works best because it really soaks up the moisture. If you want to get your hair completely dry, invest in a bonnet hair dryer, and set it on low.

Condition Your Dreads

Your hair needs moisture and so does your scalp. Massage your scalp as you apply a leave in conditioner to help the blood circulation to the scalp. This not only feels good, but helps to stimulate your scalp’s natural oils that keep your hair soft, and blood circulation to keep your scalp healthy. You can apply conditioner to only the scalp area each time you shampoo and to the entire dread every other time. This depends on how dry your hair is and how often you wash your dreads. Some people claim applying conditioner to the scalp prevents the hair from locking properly. If you find this is true, then only apply conditioner to the ends, but don’t skip the scalp massage.

Keep Up On the Locking Process

As your hair grows, you will need to help the locking process along. You can do this by using a brush or rolling the dreads in the palms of your hands. This helps the lock to mature and helps to prevent damage and breakage at the scalp.

Wrap It Up

To keep your dreads looking their best, invest in a silk scarf to wrap around your hair at night. This will protect your dreads from breakage and prevent your hair from becoming tangled.

With the proper care you can wear dreadlocks as long as you want. It will take several months for your dreads to fully mature and become stable. Even then you still need to maintain your scalp and haircare routine so that your dreads will look their best. Your stylist can give you tips and techniques you can use between locking appointments. Ask her about the best products to use, and enjoy your natural and practically care free style.

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