5 Common Hair Myths & Facts – Hair Stylist Oklahoma City

There are common hair myths that circulate.  The often spoken and shared old wives’ tales and advice we all hear can make discerning the truth from reality difficult.  Read below to get the fact from fiction.

Myth – Regular trimming of your hair makes it grow.

Hair Hair Hair
Hair Hair Hair (Photo credit: SodanieChea)

Fact: Hair grows an average of half an inch per month whether or not it is cut.  Getting hair trimmed regularly doesn’t make it grow any faster.  Split ends can cause hair breakage making the root growth unnoticeable because the split ends are breaking off.

Myth – The more you brush your hair the healthier it is.

Fact: The more brushing you give your hair the worse it can be.  Over brushing is the cause of split ends.  Too much brushing can also cause hair breakage.  Brush to remove tangles or put it in place, then stop.

Myth – Pulling gray hair will cause more to grow back.

Fact: Pigmentation cells die in the follicle that surrounds the hair.  When you pluck one hair, a new one will grow back, unless you have hair loss and no new hair grows.  Because the cells no longer produce pigment the new hair will be gray or white and a single root only grows one hair.  Other hairs growing won’t turn gray or white until their follicles cells lose their pigment production.

Myth – Wearing tight hats can cause baldness.

Fact: This myth most likely originated in the military with men required to wear hats frequently.  By coincidence, male baldness and the age with which many enter into the military happens around the same age so many correlated balding with wearing hats.  Hair loss is caused by hormonal factors, medical conditions and some medications taken, not from hats.

Myth – Dry scalp causes dandruff.

Fact: Dry scalp and dandruff are entirely two different things.  Using the right shampoo or conditioner can solve dry scalp problems which appears as “flaking”.  Dandruff is a scalp medical issue which needs medication.  Very few people actually suffer from true dandruff and actually instead have dry scalp or “flaking”.  Dandruff flakes are oily in texture and not dry.  We all have the micro organisms associated with dandruff, it’s only when they are active is when dandruff is a problem.