4 Short Hair Ideas for Weddings – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Your wedding is your special day and you want all of the details to be perfect. You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect flowers and of course, the perfect man. While you’re planning your wedding you’ll also want to consider how you will wear your hair. If you have short hair this can be a challenge. The options for long hair are featured all over wedding planning magazines and sites, but what is a bride to do if she has short hair? Short hair doesn’t have to be boring for your wedding. Here are four ideas for short wedding hairstyles.

If you have shoulder length hair with body, consider a simple and classic look. Here we have a smooth style with curled ends highlighted with a very pretty hair clip. To get this style, set your hair in large hot rollers and let them cool. Remove the rollers, and with a large paddle brush, brush through your hair smoothing around the crown and letting the ends of your hair curl. Use hair spray to keep your hair in place and add a pretty hair clip.
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Retro finger waves are very popular this season. They can be a bit difficult to do, so this is one style you may want to have your hairstylist help you with. To make a finger wave, you’ll need gel, a comb and some practice. Begin by combing your hair straight and then take the comb and your finger and form a wave. Continue down the shaft of your hair alternating the direction of the hair. Be careful to have the waves match across your head so you’ll get a polished and retro look.

A smooth bob is an easy style you can have for your wedding without much fuss. To get volume and lift, use a volumizing mousse and a large barrel vent brush to blow dry your hair. Pull your hair up and concentrate the flow of the blow dryer on the ends first. Pull the brush to the ends of your hair and twist the brush so you get a slight under curl. Use a flat iron to give you a smooth and sleek look. A deep side part is very chic now and gives you a modern look.
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If you have curly hair or love curls, go all out and wear your hair curly with heavy fringe. Set your hair in medium hot rollers or use a curling iron to achieve a full head of curls. The heavy fringe is an attractive contrast to the curls.

Your wedding day is a day to start a new life with the man you love. These four ideas can be a starting point to getting the perfect look to what you hope will be your perfect day. Take some of the worry out of it by booking an appointment several weeks before the big day so you and your stylist can decide exactly how your hair will look. Be sure to book your appointment far enough in advance so you can come in the morning of your wedding and have your hair done. This will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about so you can enjoy your wedding and celebrate your new life together.

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