4 Best Celebrity Bobs

There’s no doubt about it; bobs are definitely in this season. Celebrities young and old have been sporting this versatile do. There are so many different ways to wear a bob, if you think this hairstyle is right for you, talk with your stylist. Below are just five examples of very different bob haircuts that celebrities have been showing off lately. Come up with your own unique look using this traditional hair cut!

The way Katy Perry wears her bob is a good example of how to take this hair cut to extraordinary levels! Using an eye-catching blue to turn heads, Perry has shown that even though her hair cut is a classic, she can still rock it and make it her own. Consider adding a twist of color to your bob to add a little character to it. If bright rainbow colors aren’t for you, talk with your stylist about more traditional hair color options like blonde highlights or a dip-dye similar to Alexa Chung’s bob.

You could go super-short with the bob or opt for a shoulder-length cut, depending on your preferences. The bob is a perfect transitional hair cut from the pixie to a longer style. Emma Watson has been working the angles on a chic bob after wearing a pixie cut for some time which makes sense since the bob can start short and be shaped slowly as the hair grows.

claire danes photo
Photo by david_shankbone

Faux bobs are all the rage right now. If you’re not sure whether the bob is the right hair cut for you, try a faux bob, like Claire Danes. By pinning your hair up and allowing the outer layers to fall over the top, you can create the look of a bob without actually having to cut your hair. Danes successfully pulled off this look at the 2013 Emmys. A variety of other celebrities have been experimenting with this look as well. It’s easy and it’s an excellent way to turn heads without having the hair cut commitment of a short or medium length hair style.

Jennifer Aniston is well known for her locks. This season, she cropped her hair into a long bob for the movie Squirrels to the Nuts. It’s a new look for her and it’s definitely a keeper! Aniston can wear the bob in an updo or she can tossle the hair with styling products for a completely different look. It’s a versatile style and one that seems likely to catch on.

Whereas some hair styles are hard to grow out gracefully, the bob transitions nicely into longer styles without issue. If you’re in the market for a cut that will undoubtedly flatter, provide plenty of styling versatility, and transition easily into longer styles, the bob is an excellent choice!

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