3 Quick and Easy Up-Dos That Will Keep You Cool

Summer time doesn’t have to mean that you are relegated to simply wearing your long hair in a ponytail all season long. You can keep your hair off your neck, out of your way while you are busy and still look stylish and sophisticated. Best of all, the following three up-dos are incredibly easy to pull off with just a few simple hair styling tools that you probably already have in your bathroom right now!

braids photo
Photo by …love Maegan

Upside-Down French Braid

First, gather your supplies: bobby pins, hair brush, sock that closely matches your hair color, one thin hair elastic, scissors, one strong hair elastic and hair spray.

  • Start by flipping your head upside down and brushing your hair thoroughly.
  • Remaining upside down, start at the nape of your neck and begin French braiding your hair.
  • Once you have reached about ¾ quarters of the way up your hair, end the braid by looping a thin hair elastic around it.
  • Flip your hair right side up and brush it out thoroughly. Using the strong hair elastic, gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail.
  • Cut the toe out of the sock. Roll the sock into the shape of a doughnut.
  • Slide the sock doughnut over your ponytail and fold your hair under the botoom, making sure that you cover as much of the sock as possible. Fasten the bun with an elastic and pins to secure it. Apply hair spray to finish.

Folded Pigtail Braid
The materials list for the folded pigtail braid is pretty simple. It consist only of hair elastics that closely match your hair color, bobby pins and hair oil.

  • Use the hair oil if your hair is thick or coarse.
  • Divide your hair into two pigtails before securing them with elastics.
  • Braid each pigtail and secure with elastics.
  • Remove the elastics that are closest to your head.
  • Take your braids and pull them to the opposite sides of your head with one below the other.
  • Bend the top braid in half and pin in place with a few bobby pins.
  • Take the braid that is on the bottom and pull it over the top braid that is folded.
  • Fasten it firmly in place by using bobby pins.
  • Tuck the elastics and ends of your hair gently under the braid and use bobby pins to secure it.

Braided Up-Do
With just a few bobby pins and hair elastics, you can create a beautiful up-do in minutes.

  • Begin by starting at your part and braid your hair down along the crown of your head. Make sure to pull hair from the bottom for the braid and not the back.
  • At your ear lobe, secure the braid — along with the rest of your hair — in a ponytail, holding it in place with a hair elastic.
  • Twist your hair gently, then wind it around the elastic to form a bun. Pin it up with bobby pins, apply hair spray and you are done!

These are all hair styles you can do on your own, but you should *start* with a versatile cut that allows these to look stellar. Contact me for an appointment, and let’s get you into the salon!