3 Hair Cuts for Quick and Easy Styling for Women – Oklahoma City Salons

As a woman, it’s important to look your best, but not spend too much time making it happen. Women today are overwrought with work, family, and plenty of responsibilities. Despite this fact, they still want to look good. It’s important to balance the responsibility of work and family with the desire to look one’s best. For women who are on-the-go from sun up to sun down, choosing a hair cut that will style easily each day can make a big difference in how much time it takes for them to look good.

English: Woman styling her hair with a blowdry...
English: Woman styling her hair with a blowdryer after a haircut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One hair cut that is a perennial favorite for women-on-the-go is the bob. For women with relatively straight hair, the bob can be easy to style and look great with little or no effort. There are a number of different ways to do a bob. Some bobs are quite short while others are nearly shoulder length. The length of your bob will depend on many factors. Bobs can be cut with layers or without also depending on things like your face shape and how you intend to style your hair each day. Discuss your options with your stylist if you think this hair style would fit your lifestyle.

Though super-short hair isn’t for everyone, you’d be surprised how attractive the pixie cut is on many women. Anne Hathaway and Winona Ryder have proven the versatility and sexiness of this style. Of course, women with very curly hair won’t be able to make use of this style, but if your hair is relatively straight or fine, a pixie cut could make your life easier without detracting from your appearance. As with the bob, there are a number of different ways for your stylist to do a pixie cut. Consider a cut with a hair color change to liven up your features. If you want to get up each day knowing that your hair will take only a few moments to style, the pixie cut may be your best option.

Believe it or not, long hair can be easy to style. Though it takes longer to dry and wash each day, long hair doesn’t have to take long to style. If you have the right type of hair that looks good after it’s been dried with a blow-dryer, long hair may be a real time saver. Do a quick French twist or pull it back into a pony tail. It takes only moments to style long hair. Versatility in the way you style your hair each day is a major plus to growing your hair long.

Adding layers to your hair can sometimes make styling easier. Even adding hair color can enliven a tired do in some situations. Talk with your stylist about your options to find out what hair style would suit your face, hair type, and lifestyle most readily.