2010’s Long Hair Styles To Watch Out For

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With the Golden Globes Awards barely over, millions of avid fans had a clear view of what 2010’s hair styles to look forward to. Many of the celebrities came out all guns blazing wearing what that they thought was the best outfit ever made. However, no outfit could ever look great without the right hair styles.

What was seen on the red carpet is just an inkling of what hair styles for this year are all about. What was most obvious was the free flowing hair of most of the celebrities, and this sets the trend for 2010.

The byword for this year is versatility. This means being able to look fresh, fantastic, and new. If you have long, wavy hair, there is so much you can do – you could take a cue from Penelope Cruz and create some sexy waves on a layered hair style. Or you could go the other direction and have sleek, silky, long straight hair with stylish fringes to frame your face.

What most stylists recommend is having healthy, long hair that will allow you to change your look in the wink of an eye. If you plan to have a trim, add some waves or curls, layers and heavy conditioning. This will make it possible to carry the classic, elegant look and shift to a sexy, glamorous look the following night. This is what versatility means.

The sweeping fringes will still remain popular simply because it compliments all lengths of hair, as well as hair types.

Women who opted for a bob will probably choose to lengthen their hair because the bob will grow old. One of the main focuses for 2010 will be soft hair, and the bob tends to look too harsh on anyone but young Chinese girls.

In 2010, you can still expect the long shaggy hair to be around. By shaggy, the hair appears to be messy, without really being messy. This means not having the “just got out of bed” look, but the hair that has been put in a glam updo, but in a casual, sexy way. This means tiny fringes of curly hair barely framing the face, and making the entire look appear soft with just the right amount of texture. This kind of hair style for long hair, regardless of your hair type, is easy to do on your own with elastic bands, the right hair products, a comb, and your fingers to pull down some hair to serve as fringes. Above all, make sure to keep the hair looking and feeling soft, so don’t use any harsh hair products like starchy hair spray.

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