Would You Wear Fruit Flavored Hair? – OKC Hair Salon

Lauren Conrad was instrumental in making the dipped hair trend popular. Now she has let her fans decide to have the ends of her hair died peach. She ran a poll on her website giving them a choice of whether she should have her ends colored peach or not. She says she got the inspiration from the model in the picture. She saw her in a runway show and thought the color would be pretty in her hair, but a bit toned down to peach instead of orange. Lauren says she only plans to keep the color for about a week and then go back to her natural blonde.
The Beauty

Could this be a new trend? The peach color does look very nice with her blond hair. This is another example of how a celebrity can influence how we wear our hair. While you may not want to wear lime green ends or even watermelon pink, peach could be subtle enough for almost anyone who is brave enough get away with. Peach would look best with blonde or light brown hair, but you could wear it with dark hair after your stylist bleached the ends.

Some other options could be a mixture of peach and gold, peach and caramel or an all over peach color if you feel adventurous. You could actually use any color you liked and have your stylist tone it down a bit to a pastel shade. So would you wear peach hair or another fruit color?

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