Winter 2013-2014 Hair Color Trends – Oklahoma City Hair Color

Winter 2013-2014 seems normal enough when it comes to hair color, but if you look more closely, there are some interesting things going on under the surface. Mainstream hair has a very traditional and natural look to it this season with yummy colors to offset the cold, icky weather outside. Cinnamon, chestnut, chocolate, and buttery blonde colors are what’s popular among the vast majority of trend-setters this season, but on the flip side, there are some radical color choices available too.

Purify the colors, purify my mind.
Purify the colors, purify my mind. (Photo credit: Zawezome)

The ombre movement is still trucking along with new variations on this attractive hair color paradigm. Get your hair dipped and then pull it back into a pony tail so that the hair on your head is darker than the tail itself. Darker on top and lighter on the bottom is definitely the way to go this season. Though highlights are always technically “in”, stark highlights that create a lot of contrast and look unnatural aren’t as popular on the runways this winter. Instead, models are sporting ultra-blended highlights that could very well be a part of the natural color of their own hair.

If food-inspired colors aren’t racy enough for your taste, you might want to look into the rock or punk scene to get some ideas for winter 2013-2014. Dipped hair can be particularly eye-catching if the color of the hair is a soft pink and purple, for example. Subtle gradations in color have made an appearance as technologies in hair color have gotten better over the years. Rainbow colored hair that subtly changes from red to yellow to orange is entirely possible and can look particularly striking on long, wavy hair.

Be sure you talk to your stylist before you make the commitment to bold colors for this winter. Bold and radical color choices are definitely in the forecast for this winter even though a number of women are choosing to play it safe with more neutral, warm colors instead. Some sources recommend playing it safe with colors that are less bold and saving experimentation for the warmer seasons of the year. An icy, platinum blonde has definitely been hot this season. This is an eye-catching color choice for women who have the right skin tone to support it. Go platinum or go tar black. Either way, you’re bound to catch some attention for your efforts.

Talk with your stylist about the possibilities available for this season. Your hair color and hair cut need to work together to bring about the best results for the winter. Take into account the possibility of hat head as winter approaches. Though your color choices may not change much on account of hat-season, you hair style might and this should inform your color choices.