What Will Be The Hottest Color For Bringing In 2017?

NEWSFLASH: Tiger Eye—it’s a new color trend from Europe that has made its way across the Atlantic and is spreading like wildfire throughout salons in America.

brunette ombre hair photo
Photo by ierdnall

Tiger eye is actually an awesomely-chic gemstone, layered with striped hues that pull off a glassy colored-equivalent of a delicious coffee-layered tort when exposed to sunlight.

Colorist in New York created the tiger eye color movement, this fall, after getting inspiration from exploring the pebble’s golden-tan quartz tone—and we have a feeling the hue is going to be a hot salon staple for at least the next two seasons.

However, tiger eye layered-hues do not work alone. Professional colorists also include combinations of rust-blonde and soft-brown highlights into the mix to bring out the tone’s final allure.

Along with these highlights, a 2016 tiger eye hue needs a tepid-shadowy, russet base with insinuations of caramel balayage to get things going.

The ultimate effect parallels balayage because not only does the color look super natural, it grows out nicely, as well. And as most ex-balayage owners know, this means spending less money on touch up maintenance.

Still, tiger eye is a distinct color in itself; that’s why, even though it may appear like the ever-so-popular “bright-bronze” tone that seems to be everywhere this season, it’s really a long way from it.

There is also another perk to owning tiger-eye hair. Legend has it that this gemstone is so powerful that it can ward off evil forces to whoever wears the stone—therefore, why can’t the gem’s color have the same effect on the locks?

Well, whether you’re superstitious or not, know that most radical hair tones make people feel like a superhero who can save the world, which includes fighting off any intimidating macho-man that may come their way.

Tiger Eye In Pop-Life

Celebrities like Khloé Kardashian and Kate Beckinsale are already rocking this color, and it looks like these stars may be bringing in 2017 with full tiger eye protection.

Let’s take a look at a few more pop-life figures that have jumped onto the “tiger eye” color bandwagon this fall:

Jennifer Lopez
asks her stylist to hand-paint the caramel highlights into her locks while pairing the hue with warm, dark chocolate undertones.

Jessica Alba
morphs her balayage into a tortoiseshell and Ecaille facade that seems to perfectly shape a seamless mix of golden kindness to complement her natural tan complexion.

Miranda Kerr
goes a bit darker with her tiger eye hues, insisting for more mocha brown tones that are backed up with some almond highlights.

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