Wildest Punk Styles – Oklahoma City Salons

Punk is a look that continues to thrive as a underground look that’s full of potential. If you want to be creative with your hair, punk is definitely the way to go. The only rule that defines this look is that there are no rules: Be creative! The wildest punk hair is a work of art. In order to put together a look that truly unique, you’ll need to think outside of the box and know the basic elements used to create punk styles.

English: Punk Girls Morecambe 2003
English: Punk Girls Morecambe 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, there’s creativity and then there’s chaos. In order to strike a balance between these two poles, you’ll need to think about your hair type, your face, and how you can use punk to express yourself while simultaneously flattering your features (unless your goal is to do the opposite). If you’re trying to create the look of chaos, punk is definitely the right medium for that, but if you’re hoping to end up with any sense of order or logic to your hair, you’ll need to think ahead and then talk with your stylist about the look you’re hoping to create.

Shaved hair, wild colors, dreadlocks, and corn rows can all be incorporated into the punk look with enough creativity and the spirit of innovation. Keep in mind, though, that some of these punk elements require upkeep and maintenance. You may need to work hard to manage a wild punk style. If you’re willing to do the work, then by all means, put together something truly remarkable. Make your hair into a work of art.

The wildest punk styles are a combination of different elements such as shaving and dreadlocks. Hair extensions can add a lot to a punk style, especially if your hair is currently really short and you’re hoping to grow all of it or portions of it out. Though you may have thought of dreadlocks or beads and feathers, you may not have thought about them in the context of punk hair. Dreads and carefully chosen permanent hair accessories can give your style a unique edge. Shaved hair that has been carefully formed into geometric shapes under longer locks can give you a striking look when you pull your long hair back or spike it up.

If you’re going for Shock Factor, think of your hair in terms of different styles that you could do. Utilize long, dramatic spikes, shaved areas of the head, and creatively inspired elements like dreadlocks or even cornrows to make each style surprising. Use hair color to further enhance the various styles that you plan to do with your hair. The wildest punk styles have been strategically planned with care and collaboration with a skilled stylist familiar with punk hair.