Why Professional Color is Better for Your Hair

Summer is the perfect time to lighten up your hair color. You can add some sparkling highlights or lighten up your overall color. Popular colors this summer include reds, golden blondes, platinum blondes and sunkissed highlights. Professional color is the best for your hair since it is much gentler and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like ammonia. In order to understand why professional color is the best, it is good to know how hair color works.
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Hydrogen peroxide is the base for the developer hair color is mixed with to create the chemical reaction which causes the color change in your hair. Developer comes in several different strengths depending on the effect you want. Developer works with the hair color to open up the cuticle layer (outer layer) of your hair so that the color molecules can enter the cortex (core) and deposit color. It also helps to lock the color molecules in to give you the rich tone that is the signature of professional hair color.

Hair color can be permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and temporary. This differences between the types of hair color are mainly the size of the color molecules in the respective formulas. Permanent hair color penetrates to the core of your hair while semi and demi-permanent hair color does not penetrate as deeply. Permanent hair color stays in your hair until it grows out, and semi and demi wash out after a few months. Temporary hair color sits on the top of the cuticle layer of your hair and washes out after one shampoo.

Hair color you get from the super store or grocery store is much too strong for your hair. Although you may get good color coverage at first, since your cuticle layer is opened so much the color starts to fade quickly. Box colors also have a tendency to become brassy. This is an unwanted orange/red hue that develops after your hair is exposed to sun and hair products. Professional colors stay in your hair longer because your stylist mixes up the color formula specifically for the type of color she uses and the coverage you need. Depend on the training and experience your stylist has to give you the richest long lasting hair color possible. She can also recommend professional hair products to keep your hair color looking great until your touch up appointment.

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