Welcome To The Future of Hair Color: The Pixelated Dye Job

pixelated color photo
Photo by Clint Catalyst
Hair shade fads are looking more natural everyday, but last spring’s surge of ombré color that blended into softer highlights absolutely grabbed notoriety. Those around who are convinced that their ruby-red hair tone must always make an eye-catching statement might well appreciate this newest look; the pixelated dye job (PDJ).

Last spring, professional colorists, Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer from X-Presion salon in Madrid, Spain, fashioned the PDJ’s neon-image famous after luring Revlon to employ a handful of their salon sitters in the organization’s new collection. Since then, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba have opted to take the PDJ away from the avant-garde and bring it into the mainstream.

A Smartphone Design

To visualize a nicely colored PDJ one should imagine a computer screen-inspired reflection with areas of hair that resemble a pixelated display with diverse disbursements of hues. Some stylist will incorporate rich, neon bursts while others will team up with dark embedded shades. The stylist will then assign color to the base in intense segments via large or tiny portions of the hair, which is an approach that some colorists are labeling–expresionpixel.

Men Are Pixelating Their Hair As well

PDJs may not be just for women with an untamed edge; men, likewise, are messing around with pixelated hair to show off their personas much like their female counterparts. In the generation of everything virtual, it really should not shock us that male hair styles would soon begin to resemble the concepts found on digital screens, which is why musicians like R Kelly and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers have chosen to step beyond the status quo and go for a more futuristic hair design. Given that the color options on pixelated hair are infinite, we may find more cutting-edge male celebrities choosing this new look.

Be Daring, But Be Careful

Those with weak hearts may want to pass on the PDJ, and one should know that the “grow out” stage may be uncomfortable, if you deicide later on that your new videogame-character hairstyle is not for you. Obviously, your stylist can always color over undesirable pixelated sections for individuals who want their old hair back, but recoloring does not promise the hair color will even out in just one session.

Would you trade your hair for a PDJ? If you’re a hair color addict, the answer may be–YES, which is exactly why this state-of-the-art image is now infecting hair salons worldwide like wildfire after a hoard of selfies posted on social networks made the PDJ the hottest craze for Summer 2015.