Use Your Gray Hair to Your Advantage – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

Gray hair can be a drag, but with all of the color options there is no need to put up with drab boring gray hair. Gray hair can age you and make you feel older than you really are, so why not get rid of it and have some fun with your hair? A new hair color is one of the easiest ways to give your lift and your spirits a look. If you have just a bit of gray cropping up in your hair you can usually get away with an all over color or small highlights to blend in the few gray hairs. But if your gray is coming in strong, your stylist can use it to your advantage and give you some really spectacular effects.
Modern Salon

In this picture from Modern Salon, the stylist used an orange tint over virgin gray hair to produce these stunning copper gold highlights. Virgin gray hair is hair that has never been colored. Since the hair has no color molecules, it absorbs the pure color and produces natural highlights. You can use any color to produce this effect. If you have dark hair with gray streaks, your options are almost limitless. A red/violet, gold, orange, red, or any combination can produce brilliant highlights on your virgin gray hair.

If you have had your hair colored, you can still use your gray for your advantage. Since gray hair is naturally more resistant to hair color, it usually ends up a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair. Your stylist can still add a lighter color to your color formula to create very subtle shading. You don’t have to live with gray hair. Ask your stylist for some ideas on how to use your gray to create highlights or subtle shading.

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