Top Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Summer’s coming, and you probably have all the tools you need to enjoy the season — bikini, sunscreen and your favorite beach towel. When it comes to the elements, though, it is important to take good care of your crowning glory — your hair! All that fun in the sun that you participate in — from swimming in your favorite pool to getting the ultimate tan out on a nearby beach — can really wreak havoc on your hair if you don’t take steps to protect it now.

water hair  photo
Photo by Katelyn Fay

Get a Cut
One of the best ways to ensure that your hair is healthy all summer long is to start off with a fresh haircut. Not only is getting a haircut now the best way to start off the summer with a sassy new look, it gets rid of those dead ends that tend to get forgotten during the long winter. While the sun, chlorine and seawater can be rough on healthy hair, these elements can really extend the damage already caused by split ends.

Look for the Sun Protection Factor
You are no doubt used to checking out the labels on the sunscreen before you buy it. You also need to be vigilant about doing so when it comes to the products you use on your hair as well. If there is even a remote possibility that you might be swimming while you are out, be sure to choose hair products that are infused with sun protection factor (SPF) and that are waterproof.

Stop the Greasies
Summertime equals more heat, humidity and time out in the sun. This can mean that your hair starts to feel – and even look! – greasy before the day is over. Make sure to wash it with a shampoo that is designed for hair that is oily if yours tends to lean that way. When it comes time to apply conditioner, just use it on the bottom two-thirds of your hair since that’s where the most damage typically occurs. Read the label carefully so that you choose a conditioner that is made to be lightweight so it won’t add an oily look.

Spray Your Head
Though it might sound counterproductive, make it a habit to step under the shower and give your hair a quick dunk before heading out to the pool or ocean for a swim. Doing so will coat your locks with a layer of water will help protect against the harsh chemicals found in pool water as well as the salt found in the ocean. Without taking this extra step, you might find that your already dry and damaged hair becomes even more so very quickly as it is exposed to the elements.

By taking a few easy steps to treat your hair more gently during the busy summer season, you can enjoy lots of fun in the sun and still have gorgeous locks. Call Anastasia in Oklahoma City for a hair style to roll with the seasons.