Tips to Care for Red Hair

Red hair evokes passion, fire, romance and is one of the most daring of all hair colors you can wear. It is also the most elusive to keep looking fresh and vibrant. It is the nature of red hair color to oxidize and fade quickly if you do not care for your hair properly. The sun, harsh styling products, high heat appliances and using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner can sap the color right out of your locks.

To keep your red hair looking its best follow these simple tips.

  • Use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Some of these products contain small amounts of color to help refresh and renew your color between visits to our hairstylist. Always use salon products for color treated hair to prevent fading and stripping of your color.
  • Have your hairstylist apply a hair gloss. Glosses are either clear or lightly tinted and add an extra dimension of shine and protection. Glosses are semi-permanent color and will not change your hair color but refresh and renew it.
  • Always have a professional stylist color your hair. She has the right formulas and products to give you the best color for your skin tone and hair type. She can also custom mix your color and keep a record of it so that you can keep the color you love from service to service.
  • Avoid using high heat appliances every day. Heat is the enemy of color treated hair and red hair is especially susceptible to heat damage.
  • Use styling products and finishing products that have sunscreen in them. This will protect your hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can oxidize your color and make it fade or look brassy.
  • Make and keep touch-up appointments. You should have your re-growth colored at least every six weeks or sooner depending on how fast your hair grows.
  • Get regular haircuts. This prevents split ends and keeps your hairstyle looking its best.

Use these simple tips and your glorious head of red hair will look salon fresh in between appointments. Be bold and be daring and try a shade of red this season and find out that blondes are not the only ones who have fun. Their redheaded sisters are known for their fire and passion and you can have vibrant and brilliant color with these easy maintenance and care tips.

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