7 Tips for Taking Care of Colored Hair – Oklahoma City

One of the most common problems faced by people when they dye their hair is that the color starts fading soon afterwards. Most of the time hair color starts fading soon after the first wash, leaving your hair dull and lifeless. No matter which brand of hair color you try, you will face the same problem unless you take some precautionary measures that will not only make your hair color stay longer; it will also make your hair appear healthy and glossy.


Here are some of the steps you need to take in order to protect your hair color.

Shampoo before Coloring:

What some people don’t realize is that shampooing your hair after it has been colored is a very bad idea. You remove most of the color by shampooing it so soon after coloring. Ask your hair stylist and he will tell you to shampoo your hair before coloring it so as to remove dirt and oil only. After you have colored your hair, you only need to rinse the hair and condition it.

One more benefit of shampooing before coloring is that hair color products work best on clean hair.

Use Warm Water:

Make sure that you use warm water to wash your hair as hot water will erode the hair color and make your hair look dry and lifeless. Also use a shampoo specially designed for color treated hair in order to ensure that the hair color lasts longer.

Hair Products:

Try to avoid harsh hair products when you chose hair spray, gel or mousse. When you have to apply hair spray, make sure that you spray it from a distance.  If you spray it from too closer, not only will your hair look crusty but it will also have a deteriorating effect on your hair color.

Turn Down the Heat:

Use of extra hot appliances can damage your hair color a lot. It does not mean that you cannot use hair curlers and straighteners; you just have to use them properly and wisely.  Don’t turn the knob to extra hot; keep it moderate. You can still get the style you want with medium heat but it will help you in avoiding damaging your hair.

Semi-Permanent Colorants:

There are many semi-permanent colorants that allow you to enhance your hair color. Hair color will last much as the colorants deposit colored pigments onto the hair shaft.

Trimmed Hair:

Trimming your hair regularly is a good way of keeping the color vibrant and healthy. Split ends can make your hair color look faded as they make your hair dull. Book regular appointments with your stylist to ensure that your hair remains healthy and full of life.

Go to a Professional:

Sometime the hair color starts fading soon after application because it has not been applied correctly or your hair was not properly prepared before application. When it comes to coloring your hair, it is best to go to the experts at a saloon who know this procedure well and carry it out on different hair types on a regular basis.