5 Tips for Glossy, Straight Hair – Oklahoma City

Straight hair is in fashion and is not going anywhere any time soon. Whether you have naturally straight hair or artificially straightened hair, the important thing is that you have to get it right. If straight hair lacks shine and luster, it losses all appeal and style. So if you want to have perfectly glamorous hair, you need to know how to make it shine and stand out from the rest.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you get the perfect look that you want.

1. Get Rid of Buildup


When you keep using styling products on your hair, its residue starts getting accumulated in your hair and over the course of time it creates a dull appearance. In order to get rid of the product buildup; make sure that you use an oil-based shampoo to wash your hair. This will help you get rid of the buildup but since the shampoo is oil-based, it will not strip the hair of its natural shine and gloss.

2. Iron with Care

The best way to get glossy straight hair is to iron them using a good ceramic iron with coated plates. This will make your hair extra smooth and it will reflect more light thus creating the ultimate gloss. If you want to show off a sleek and shiny mane of hair, ask your New York hair stylist to iron your hair with extra care, making sure it remains soft and smooth.

3. Spray On

Another way to get extra gloss and shine in your hair is by using sprays which contain shine serum. You just style your hair any way you want and spray on the shine serum in the end. However, make sure that you purchase a high quality product that will in fact enhance the overall effect.

Also use the product carefully as too much of the spray will create a messy look rather than the shiny thing you were hoping for.

4. Color Boost

When you are getting your hair colored, make sure that you ask your hair stylist to add color boost to the mixture which will make your glossy and shiny for a long time. Applying hair color without a proper color booster leaves the hair dull and without shine.

There are many different kinds of color boosters available in the market but it is best that you let your New York hair stylist choose the one that will be incorporated properly with your hair color and will give the best possible results.


5. Use the Right Brush

When you are blowing out your hair, make sure that you use the right hair brush. A round hair brush made of natural bristles is ideal as it will distribute natural oils equally through your hair and create a shiny and glossy look.

Also before you go to sleep every night, make sure that you brush your hair good and proper to enhance the natural shine and boost hair growth.