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Argan Oil is truly a miracle from nature. It nourishes hair, body and face with antioxidants, natural UV protection and is loaded with vitamins to make your hair shiny and manageable, your scalp soothed and nourished, and your skin soft and smooth. Argan Oil is readily absorbed into your skin and hair to deliver nutrients and vitamins directly to the cells which need them the most. You can use it all over your body without becoming greasy.

Plantation of argans
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A native of Morroco, the Argan tree gives us small kernels which are ground by hand to produce a paste. This paste is then pressed to produce the oil. Argan Oil has been used for centuries by the women of Morroco to soothe and protect their skin. Today skin care and hair care lines are including the oil because of its nourishing and healing properties. Argan Oil is a favorite ingredient of dermatologists because it produces soft skin and hair without being oily or using synthetic ingredients like silicone or parabens which can be irritating.

One of the best products lines to include Argan Oil is Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil was the first line of professional hair care products to include Argan Oil in their formulas. They have a full line of products to address all types of hair from fine blonde hair to coarse and thick ethnic hair. Their scalp treatment is is gentle and effective at preventing dry flaky scalp and soothing irritation.

Moroccanoil uses a percentage of their proceeds to help the area in which Argan Oil is harvested. Money is put toward health care and education to improve and empower the lives of the people who live there. The company is also proud of the fact they use no animal testing for their products, and the majority of packaging comes from recycled sources.

How do you know which product is the best for you? Your stylist has the knowledge and training to recognize scalp conditions and recommend the best treatment for them. With regular salon visits she can watch for any irritation or problems that may crop up, and address them quickly so you can have relief. Ask your stylist today if Argan Oil is for you. It is an all natural wonder of nature which has been smoothing skin and nourishing hair for many centuries.

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