The Right Hair Color for your Skin

Finding the right color to match your skin tone is the key to a different look.

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If your hair color and skin tone don’t blend well, you’re going to look awkward. Your skin tone is the color of the main pigment of of your skin. Are you more yellow than pink? Then you’re a warm. If you have more pink pigment than yellow, then you’re a cool.

Figuring out which skin tone you are is essential to deciding on which hair color you will look best in. If you’ve spent a long time planning out your look and go with a hair color that does not mix well with your skin all your effort will have been for nothing. A person with a warm skin tone and a cool hair color just looks unnatural.

For warm skin tones, more bold hair colors are optimum. A dark browns and golden blonds will compliment your skin nicely.

If you have a cool skin tone, then obviously lighter colors are in order. Keep with appropriately light browns and strawberry or light blonds.

Reds can work with both skin tones, but they need to be carefully chosen. Darker reds for warm skin tones and lighter reds for cool skin tones. It’s all about balance and knowing what you are.

You’ll be amazed how great you look if you match your skin tone with a matching hair color. If you’re not sure what color is the best for you, you are not alone. Call me and make a coloring appointment and we can figure out which hair color is going to look the best on you.