The Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Thanks to today’s technological innovations, we are able to change our hair color almost as frequently as we change our clothes. Depending on our moods or our mindsets, we may opt for one hair color over another. However, our choice in hair color may not be the best for our particular skin tone, which begs the question about how to choose the right color for our tone.

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While we may not be picture perfect as many of today’s Hollywood stars are, our skin tones can definitely be divided into the same general categories: dark, fair, medium and olive.

Dark: A lot will depend on what sort of dark skin tone you have. If you have a warm dark complexion, such as Viola Davis has, you will want to choose warm colors to complement as well. Caramels and mahoganies are ideal for this sort of skin tone. If, however, you’re graced with a skin tone that is more blue-black, as in the case of Alex Wek, select tones that are more dark espresso or inky black. Choosing something that is too close to your own skin tone will do you no favors, as your features will disappear. You want to highlight the uniqueness of your skin tones.

Olive: If you have slightly greenish tones to your complexion, which can happen when you have olive skin, you could choose to add some depth to the color by adding strategic honey highlights. Toasty warm colors do wonders with this sort of skin type, however, such as cinnamon or chestnut. For something on the warmer end of the spectrum, try violet-based color hues – it works for Kim Kardashian!

Medium: If your skin tone is on the cooler end of the spectrum, such as Cameron Diaz, sandy colored hues are the way to go. You could even select ash blond, wheat blond or walnut brown to try and cut the ruddiness that your face might be inclined to show. However, if your skin tone is warmer, like Hillary Duff’s, copper and tawny blonde can go a long way to eliminate some of the sallowness that might show up in your complexion.

Fair: If your complexion is more ivory in nature, like January Jones or other celebrities with cooler but fair complexion, you’ll be looking for hair hues in flaxen, platinum or champagne, as these are ideal for highlighting your complexion. If, however, your skin tone is closer to that of Michelle Williams’, you’ll be looking to keep the tone warm by selecting butterscotches and strawberry blondes to make it seem as though your skin is glowing.

Regardless of the skin tone you have, there are many options for hair color. You don’t need to be a slave to any one color – try whatever tones work best for your complexion and have some fun experimenting!

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