The Balayage Effect–Short and Sweet

Everything you need to know about the most exciting color rage of 2015.

Whenever you ask any go-modern woman around to explain the balayage, they’ll most likely tell you that it’s honest chic-hair with intensity and shape. We chatted a little about the balayage in last week’s blog, but today, I would like to dig a bit deeper, considering that the balayage is among the most well-liked hair coloring demands in salons right now.

What is balayage?

beach hair photo
Photo by planetc1

Balayage is a European shade practice that was established in the 1970s. It’s an unguided process where the hue is administered manually, as opposed to relying on the conventional foiling or cap highlighting approaches. Balayage can also be applied to even the latest pixie crop; but having said that, the most effective payoffs radiate at hair length that’s below the shoulders.

The Charm

This coloring method holds various outcomes that may extend from limp, regular highlights to something more powerful and rebellious. It’s a positive–ABSOLUTELY!–for women because the style is very low-maintenance and cost-effective, given that the balayage, at no time, leaves behind a color bar that typically shows up with hair regrowth. This suggests women will save cash on unnecessary month-to-month touchups.

Will it work for me?

Balayage is better performed on natural hair, but do not worry; a colorist can develop a pre-balayage appeal with foils until the hair is all set for a balayage-only effect. Nevertheless, if you’re visiting a color professional, they should have the ability to produce a strategy to obtain the look you desire that best matches your hair type and color evolution.

Balayage Cuts

Balayages that are executed with unhinged-waves or with beach-messy effects are optimal because it allows the admirer to observe the hue’s variant bands throughout the hair. Bob cuts that are trendy and robust call for a more powerful shade or a block tone to flaunt the balayage, but generally, the color hairstyle is best entrusted to more flowing hairstyles.

Will my balayage go out of style?

This style-system has been around for such a long time that it will most-likely continue to be an important procedure in professional color salons throughout the next decade. Despite this, the fad, right now, has graduated intensively from dark to light-toned; for this reason, the balayage is frequently on the move.

Five years ago, Sarah Jessica Parker began discreetly sporting a lighter balayage shade on TV. But as the seasons went on, her natural, sun-kissed effect eventually progressed to a significantly more powerful result, which was actually the exact same coloring approach only with a milder, deeper impression.


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