Teens Expressing Themselves With Hair Dye – Oklahoma City Hair Color

Roxxi + Lizzie
Roxxi + Lizzie (Photo credit: mcbill)

Why do we see more and more teenagers with their hair dyed? What do you do if your teen is looking to dye their hair?  In the past, hair color fell under these categories; brunettes, blondes or redheads.  Teens today express themselves with vibrant hair colors like pinks, greens, blues and purples.  It seems there is no limit to choices for teens to dye their hair, like being able to choose from a crayon box.  This growing and popular trend with teens is becoming very popular and a way for artistic expression.

Many parents and adults feel uneasy about teens with brightly multi-colored hair.  Though some parents are confident with their teens choice to color their hair and don’t worry about their teens harmless self expression.  If teens want to have artistic and creative expression from hair dye it seems to have little consequence overall.  Teens feel expressions from tattoos or piercings are much too drastic and permanent and their hair dye is reversible, making it an acceptable form of expression.  It is simple for them to change their hair color and take the opportunity to do so now rather than when they are adults and cannot be so freely vibrant with their hair color.

There may be cause for concern if teens want to drastically change their hair dye repeatedly.  If teens are constantly changing their hair color it may be due to a problem with their self identity or needing attention.  As a parent you will need to talk with them and have open and honest communication to determine their reasoning for wanting to dye their hair and change it often.  It is possible your teen just wants to express themselves because it reflects their creativity and desire to keep their hair changes new and exciting, not for attention or because they are lacking self-confidence.

After speaking with your teen and you decide it’s okay for them to have their hair colored, go to the stylist together.  The stylist at the salon can help give your teen just what they are looking for and you’ll be included in your teens decision.

The harmless and creative self expression of teens through their vibrant and colorful hair dyes adds some brightness to our world.  Teens are often excited about their new look and enjoy being different.  Don’t be too concerned if your teen comes home one day with some color added to their hair, just remember it isn’t permanent.