Sun Damage to Hair IS Reversible

The sun is the most common cause of hair damage. Not only does it change the color of your hair, but harmful sunlight depletes vital proteins from even the healthiest of hair.

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Shading your hair from sunlight with a hat significantly reduces the damage done, but sometimes you just can’t wear a hat. Any time you are in the sun without covering your hair, you are subjecting your locks to damage from ultraviolet rays.

If your hair has been damaged by sunlight, making a trip to the salon is your crucial and most important step to rejuvenation. Professional products and techniques are the only sure fire way to return your hair to its previous luster.

The biggest source of damage done to your hair by the sun is the protein and moisture sucked out by the rays. If the damage has already been done, professional protein and deep conditioning treatments are essential. Your hair needs moisture and protein to look its best, and with any amount of sun damage your hair will be brittle and unhealthy.

Aside from the damage done, the color loss that sunlight causes can be difficult to restore, if you dye your hair yourself. Dying your hair to the exact shade it was before is almost impossible to do on your own.

At-home hair dye products are inflexible and are by no means perfect. A professional dye job can blend your sun bleached color with the dyes in layers to get your hair color to the perfect shade, and without the additional damage done by cheap at-home products.

If you are looking to have your hair rejuvenated after any amount of sun damage, Anastasia is available for either consultation or appointment. Together you can find the solution that is best for your hair type and the damage sustained. Just because the sun is strongest in these summer months does not mean you have to let the sun control your look.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City.
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