Summer Sun Protection

Summer can mean time spent outdoors in the sun and heat. While a day at the beach is a fun outing, it can play havoc on your hair. We all know how important sunscreen is for your skin, but did you know it is also important to keep your hair color from fading? Exposure to the sun and elements of summer can not only fade your hair color but can also make your hair dry and brittle. Your stylist can recommend professional products to help keep your color fresh and your hair looking and feeling its best during the hot days of summer.

Dried Apple Shrunken Head
Image by Laurel Fan via Flickr

How Does the Sun Fade My Color?

The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet A and B rays. These rays react with your hair much like your skin when it tans and can cause your color to fade. Oxidation occurs within your hair shaft and eventually leads to brassiness and unwanted gold tints in color treated hair. Products that contain sunscreen will protect your hair from this effect and protect your color.

What Products Will Protect My Hair Color?

Pureology has a line of products specifically tailored to protect your hair from the full spectrum of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Their Nano Works Luxury System is formulated to leave your hair soft, shiny and protected. The Zero Sulfate and AnitFade Complex ensures that your hair will be treated gently and protected thoroughly.

Green Tea, Sugar Cane, Citrus, Apple, and Wine Extracts combine to provide anti-aging benefitsGuar Gum and Shea Butter make your hair shine and add a sleek texture. The certified organic Mushroom Blend of Shiitake, Mannentake, and Mucor Miehei rebuild and renew hair with their antioxidant properties. Used together, the Nano Works Luxury System will make your hair vibrant and your color will look fresh all summer. Ask your stylist today how you can protect your color. She can be your best resource to keep your hair looking good all season long.

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