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With winter and the cold weather season upon us, static hair becomes the non-fashion trend we wish we didn’t have to deal with.  Knowing what can cause static hair and how to fight back can keep your hairstyle in fashion during the winter.  Cold weather brings wind, less humid air and low temperatures which all act as a catalyst to negative ion build up on hair.

The Magic of Static Electricity
The Magic of Static Electricity (Photo credit: Dalboz17)

In order to combat hair static electricity, it is essential to know about the science of hair itself.  Hair carries a positive charge and is considered acidic with a 3.5 to 5.5 pH range.  Hair is negatively charged once it crosses over the 7 pH range and becomes alkaline.  Negatively charged hair will suffer from fly-away , static hairstyles.  Chemicals from perms and coloring as well as other styling products can be the root cause of changing the pH of your hair.  When a product says, “pH balanced” it is exactly that, which is a neutral on the pH scale or a 7.  The goal is to keep the pH level within a range of 3.5-5.5 pH in order to keep it positively charged which can lessen static.

During the winter the air holds less moisture so is less humid when compared to summer months.  When there is less humidity in the air it keeps electricity from flowing off the shaft of the hair and then builds up creating static.  To keep moisture in your hair during the cold months choose conditioners that contain moisturizers.  There are also many styling products which are water based rather than petroleum based.  Petroleum based products can cause build up on hair and scalp.  Electricity flows through water, then off hair, so using products which are water based are the best choice.

Knowing your hair and what it may lack can help you know which products you need.  Your stylist can help you with this and has the best knowledge on products and moisturizers.  Natural oils like coconut or avocado can help condition as well as vitamin E.  Over conditioning can cause problems so it is important not to overdo conditioning during the winter.