8 Simple Ways to Stop Hair Fall – Oklahoma City

When your hair starts falling out it can create a lot of panic and rightly so. No one wants to have a bald spot on their head, especially women. Apart from hereditary hair loss, there are many factors that contribute towards hair loss and the best way to minimize such hair loss is to address the root cause and make sure that you are doing everything in your power to stop this dangerous trend. Here are some ways you can minimize hair fall very effectively:

1. Meet your Daily Protein Requirement:

Lack of protein in your diet can be a major reason for hair loss as your hair needs protein to grow. If your body lacks protein, it will create a deficit in your hair follicle and thus start hair loss. You do not need to get special supplements to meet your daily protein intake requirement. Just by eating egg whites, fish and drinking at least two glasses of milk daily, you can boost the level of protein in your body.

2. Avoid Stress:

Stress is a major contributor when it comes to hair loss, so make sure that you avoid stress as far as possible. Yoga and meditation exercises are some of the best ways to avoid stress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

3. Take Multivitamins:

Your hair does not only need proteins to grow, it also needs a lot of other nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C & D along with biotin and potassium. Make sure that you get a good multivitamin that provides you with all the nutrients needed for proper hair growth.

4. Quit Smoking & Caffeine:

Smoking and caffeine cause damage to your hair and thus make your hair fall.  If you want hair fall to stop, you need to quit smoking and limit your caffeine intake to a minimum level.

5. Exercise Regularly:

In order to make sure that your hair loss stops, you have to make it a habit to exercise on a regular basis. Exercise will allow your body to release all the toxins in the body and thus help your hair grow and become stronger.


Oil treatments are a great way to stimulate hair growth and stop hair fall. You can book a weekly appointment with your hair stylist for a hot oil hair massage, which allows maximum penetration of nutrients in your scalp and thus helps in reducing hair fall.

7. Hair Masks:

Natural hair masks are a great way to provide your hair with the essential nutrients that it needs to grow. You can make a hair mask at home and apply to your hair on a weekly basis or ask your hair stylist to that for you whenever you visit him.

8. Keep your Hair Trimmed and Untangled:

One of the reason hair fall out quickly is that you do not comb it enough and trim it on a regular basis. Split ends can break long strands of hair and make them look thinner. Make sure that you untangle your hair before you go to sleep every night.