Should you go blonde? Think before you dye. – OKC Hair Color Salons

The glow and shine of golden hair (not to mention TV and movies and pressure from boyfriends) makes many of those born with darker hues ask if they should go blonde. It is a significant change and there are a lot of questions that have to be answered before taking the plunge. Think about the pros and cons of the blonde look for non-blondes before you dye.

English: Blonde girl Русский: Блондинка
English: Blonde girl Русский: Блондинка (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your hair is always growing and the new growth is going to come in behind your natural hair color. Depending on how fast your hair grows and the difference in your new shade of blond and your original color, the different color in the hair nearest to your scalp will have to be regularly maintained. Make sure that you are prepared to have the roots touched up on a regular basis.

Speaking of how fast your hair grows, what if you don’t like the color or the expense of upkeep to keep you blond hair looking natural? Are you prepared to have a lot of length removed to get rid of the blonde once and for all?

Some hair colors can be easily lightened. Others, especially dark colored tresses, have to have the natural color of the hair completely removed before it can be dyed blonde. Is your hair healthy enough to stand the process? Before you commit, discuss it with your salon hair stylist, whose main goal is to make you look great and feel good about yourself.

Will the lighter hair color go well with your skin tone? Usually if your hair lightens significantly in the summer, or if you were blonde when you were a child, you have the right skin tone to go blonde and still maintain a natural look.

Will you want an all over cool whitish blonde or would you rather go with a golden color and add highlights? Discuss all of the options with your hair care professional before you decide.

Will your new hair shade go with the colors in your wardrobe or will you have a tired and washed out appearance? For some, the could be a pro if it means a reason to go shopping, but for others it means more expense as they have to look for new color palettes for their basic outfits, accessories and even makeup.