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Shining On With Hair Gloss Treatments

There are many things that strip the shine from hair, leaving it dull looking.  There is a solution to make you rest easy; hair gloss treatments.  Too often over time, blow drying, straightening, curling, and coloring, your hair will strip the shine and damage your hair, leaving it looking lackluster, sometimes frizzy.  The outside elements can also rob your hair of its brilliancy.

Hair coloring
Hair coloring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hair gloss treatments will add life and shine to your hair.  Anyone who has chemically treated hair or chemically straightened hair will benefit from hair gloss treatments.  The treatment works as it penetrates and coats the hair cuticle.  It is possible for a gloss treatment to sometimes add life to your hair color as well.

Treatments can vary in formulas and ingredients.  Most are free of ammonia, some may contain small amounts of peroxide.  A majority use natural oils and other botanicals and shine boosting ingredients.  Your stylist can discuss the different formulas and options for a gloss treatment and also advise on shampoo products to use after a treatment.  Gloss treatments are usually clear, though you can request a color be added.

How often to get gloss treatments?  That will vary depending on the formula of the treatment used.  It is safe to say most gloss treatments last on average 3-4 weeks, though there are some premium treatments which are more pricey which can last up to 6-8 weeks.  With every hair wash, the gloss treatment will slowly lose strength.  The great thing about gloss treatments is that you choose when you need them, or rather,  when your hair needs them.

There is a similar hair treatment called a glaze treatment. Gloss and Glaze are two different treatment products.  Glazes only coat your hair shaft, gloss treatments penetrate the hair shaft.  Glazes don’t last as long as a gloss.

You’ll know if a gloss treatment or a glaze treatment will benefit you the most.  Be sure to talk with your stylist if your hair is looking dull.  This simple solution can strengthen the hair and once again have your hair shining on!