Semi-Permanent Hair Shadowing

If you are searching for a distinctive way to liven up your curls, it may be time to experiment with hair shadowing. Believe or not, colored hair doesn’t have to be permanent anymore–temporarily tinting waves via pro-salon hair shadowing involves applying the hues found in eyeshade product to curly hair to add energetic vibes to boring swirls. Hair shadowing is preferred by most women, today, who are looking for rainbow-tresses because it’s a much safer alternative to coloring than using bleach.

curly hair photo
Photo by …love Maegan

Wait, I have seen shadowing curls already…

Applying makeup products to hair has been around since 2010, but it was not until recently that cosmetic manufacturers started marketing products like cream gel shadow–chubby–sticks–and washable splat to women who wanted to go risqué with their perms. Color-enhancing deep conditioners soon followed the new hair shadowing products; anon, companies like Revlon and Maybelline armed pro-stylist around the country with the tools they needed to execute semi-permanent coloring styles, like the one that we saw Ashley Graham wearing in last week’s NYFW.

Get those curls ready to go…

The secret to shadowing permed hair is to make sure that the curls stay healthy, shiny and strong after the coloring. An experienced colorist will always combine their shadowing product with a pro-color, hair conditioner one day before their appointment. Also, clients going for a hair shadowing will need to schedule a pre-appointment, protein treatment to obtain the correct moisture-to-locks ratio before their coloring.

Nothing permanent here…

Hair shadowing typically lasts two-to three days, but your stylist can lengthen the color-keeping time for up to seven days by sealing the hues with a paste or pomade. These professional paste products normalize the shadowing tones with help of a diffuser, which keeps the color in.

Shadowing tips for the first timer…

There are several brands of hair shadows (a.k.a hair chalk) to choose from, and the finishing effect will depend on the number of different tints the stylist incorporates into the swirls. Hair shading clients usually experiment with a few of colors at first. After all, the look only will take for, at most, a week.
Blue and violet strands compliment dark tight curls, and ruby red with streaks of rust go well on women with lighter hair perms. Both options will turn some heads at the club on a Saturday night, and light-colored russet with delicate highlights, will work well on a date night too. Clients can even add vibrant shadows to their new hair extensions, which add a bit of edge to them.


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