Red Hot Hair for 2011 – Tips for Choosing the Best Red for You

Red was the “it” color for 2010 and it promises to be very hot for 2011. Celebrities are still getting their hair colored red and this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. While you may want different shades of golden blonde mixed in your hair or get some gold or auburn highlights and lowlights in your brunette hair, red is all about even color. Here are some tips to get the best red for your skin tone.

  • Match your skin tone to the red you want. If you have sallow skin, stay away from very orange reds since they will accentuate the yellow tones in your skin. Fair skinned women can wear almost any shade, although if you are a winter shade try pretty cool reds that are a bit on the violet side of the color spectrum.
  • Ask your stylist to tint your eyebrows to match your hair. Don’t ever use hair color on your eyebrows as this can cause irritation and even blindness if it gets in your eyes. Eyebrow tints are specifically made for use around your eyes and safe.
  • You will have to change your make up colors if red is a drastic change from your current color. Violets, greens and browns look good on redheads.
  • Be careful if you wear red. Be sure it does not clash with your hair color. The same holds true with oranges and pinks.
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If you’re daring, bright red (think Rhianna) is still in style. Auburn is always in style from dark orange-red to violet-red. Use a color preserving shampoo and conditioner formulated for red hair. Avoid long exposure to the sun as it can make your hair look brassy. After a few weeks you may want to get a gloss applied to your hair to perk up the color and add shine. Glosses are usually semi or demi permanent color and very mild. Red is a notoriously hard color to maintain, but your stylist can recommend professional products to keep your red hair looking vibrant and fresh.

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