Red Hair is Attractive – If You Care For it Properly

RED ALERT! By far one of the most common question I get asked when I come across redheads for the very first time is how they can keep their crimson hair shining bright. The honest truth is, there’s an exhaustive checklist of techniques, and there certainly is not just one cure-all that will get the job done.

red hair photo
Red Hair. Photo by tara2.

So, if you are a redhead similar to Nicole Kidman, then you will have to progressively treat and preserve your locks.

Let’s have a look at seven ways to keep unnatural (or natural) red hair in attention-getting form…

UV-Ray Free: Red color is light-sensitive. This holds true especially for all those crimson pigments that arrive in hair coloring products. Therefore, redheads may want to avoid the lunchtime sunlight or apply color care solutions that safeguard from UV rays. Putting on a hat will also work.

Henna Hair Shampoo: Touches of herb extracts in Henna are considered rewarding by the experts, and using henna might just produce red hair shinier. This particular topical remedy may agree with red hair, but whether it is appropriate for the maintenance of red hair hinges on person’s luster preferences. There certainly are several Henna washes and rinses in the marketplace to go for.

Swimming Pools: Absolutely NO! Redheads really should not get into a pool for up to two weeks after coloring their locks, simply because red pigmentation becomes more robust when coming in contact with chlorinated pool water. Just stay away from it. Not unless you intend to get your color done within the next few days.

Tone Rinses
: When reddish hair cools down between color treatments, Redheads can work with a color rinse that matches their hue. The tone rinse will preserve the red luster.

Blow Drying: Dousing hot air into red locks on a daily basis is also a guaranteed NO! Keep blow drying to a minimum. Redheads with powerful waves/frizzes whose curly hair needs to be blown out don’t need to bypass blow drying, as an alternative, they should simply wash less.

Dry Shampoo: Purchase an exceptional dry hair shampoo from the salon, and make an effort to turn into a dry shampoo junkie. Redheads who work with dry shampoo frequently will discover that their color will wash out much less. And don’t forget, the less red hair is rinsed, the lesser it will fade.

Hair Cure: Use a cure or hair therapy product weekly to hold the red pigments in tact and to draw out the brilliancy in your hair. Unlike conditioners, hair cures offer hair maintenance, active ingredients, which effectively infiltrate the follicle and saturate hair voids where the color did not take. Regular hair cures will enable the crimson color to remain in the locks for extended periods of time.

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