Professional Hair Color versus Box Hair Color

Many women use box hair color that they get from the grocery store or the local mega-mart with some measure of success. But usually they find that their hair becomes dry and gets unwanted brassy or gold tones after a few months. The reason for this is that over the counter color that comes in a box is much too strong and not mixed for the undertones that they have in their hair. They would get much better results by visiting their stylist who knows how to mix hair color to give them the best results and keep their hair in good shape.

Hair coloring
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Your hair has an outer layer called the cuticle and an inner layer called the cortex. It is in the cortex that the color molecules reside. Hair color and developer work together to lift the cuticle layer and deposit new color molecules into the cortex. Most developers that are used in box color are much too strong and can cause your hair to have what stylists call, cuticle blow out. That means that the developer opens your cuticles so far that they never really close back up and this is why box color can fade so quickly and become brassy.

Professional hair color is mixed with the correct strength of developer to protect not only your hair but so that your cuticle layer can be smoothed out and your color will last longer and stay truer longer. This is especially important for red hair color. Red is one of the hardest colors to get right and to last. Red hair color is notorious for fading quickly and becoming brassy. You can avoid this by going to a stylist who is experienced in hair color services.

A hair stylist must pass a very strict test for her license and much of what she is tested on is hair color and hair color chemistry. She not only knows how to give you the best color but why the professional products work the way they do. Your stylist will also have more than one color line at her disposal and can choose the best professional products for your specific hair’s needs and the color you want. Don’t take chances with your hair or hair color. Put down the box and call your stylist to be sure your get the beautiful color you want while protecting your hair.

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