Pro Advice For Obtaining A Fuller Mane

Do you wish that you owned fuller, waiver hair instead having to put up with your flimsy, comatose tresses? There’s a whole lot of “how to make your locks thicker” information out there for folks with thin hair to read; so, we thought we’d send some fundamental pro-knowledge to you gals, which can put you on the correct path to achieving the ambitious hair you deserve…

hair photo
Photo by betsyjons

Pro tip #1 for thicker hair

So, let’s review; first, and foremost, apply some volumizing rinse products in the shower. But instead of letting the mane air dry naturally or blow drying the hair every which way and up, grab some volumizing spray and a curved brush. Next, part your hair in sections starting from the bottom up, and blow dry only individual parts, using your brush to create some volume. Also, make sure that you saturate each section with the pre-treatment, volumizer before applying the heat.

Pro tip #2 for thicker hair

If a salon blow dry is not your thing, why not try making good use of those old, bedtime hair rollers you stashed away in the closet. Did you forget how those little lifesavers produced amazing salon-thick hair overnight? Remember that diverse-size rollers create different fullness, so you can choose between big, medium or small waves for your final effect. For best results, leave the rollers in overnight, and apply a little hairspray to keep them in place while you sleep.

Pro tip #3 for thicker hair

For super-fast, fuller hair, a girl’s best bet is to invest in some wavy hair extension attachments. These little clip-in marvels can produce a thicker mane just a matter of minutes. Imagine, no more blow drying, no more buying volumizing products and no more messing with curlers. The hair extensions found at pro salons, today, are incredibly subtle and tasteful. Stylists offer them in many different hues and lengths; you can also be sure that none of your friends, nor your date, will be able to guess that your newer, fuller hair is anything else but your own. Be sure to ask your stylist about the best approach to using fuller hair extensions with fine hair.

Pro tip #4 for thicker hair #4

Lighten up the color! Nearly all pro stylists know that highlighting a gal’s mane is the most efficient method for making her hair look fuller in the long run. Furthermore, the peroxide found in highlighting products will swell the hair strands, which means that the locks’ natural thickness will almost double. Blending diverse hair shades does the trick too. Combining hues always adds dimension and texture to the mane, which complementary provides some extra-volume, savoir-faire for women with thin hair.


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