Ombre Hair Color Still Going Strong for Fall 2012 – Oklahoma City Hairstyles

Ombre hair color became very popular last year, and it is still going strong for Fall. Many celebrities are wearing ombre colors ranging from dark to light, light to dark, along with pastel and vibrant colors. Just about any color combination goes, it all depends on your taste and how wild you want to go. One of the prettiest color combinations is soft brown fading to a golden blonde. This is a good option if you are growing out your blonde color since because the color fades from the dark roots into paler ends.
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Since your ends will most likely be bleached before the tint is applied, there are some special hair care tips you need to follow to keep your hair looking and feeling strong and healthy. Moisture is what will keep your hair from looking and feeling like straw. Use deep moisturizing conditioners at least once a week. Don’t use them more often or your hair might start to look greasy and heavy, and you might want to use them only on the ends. Always use a heat protection product before you use high heat tools like a blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. Avoid products which contain alcohol as it will dry your hair. Be sure to go to your stylist for a trim at least every six weeks. This will keep split ends under control and help your style to look great.

Creating an ombre look takes practice and skill. It is important to go to the salon to have this look done properly. Most stylists use the Balayage technique. This involves using a brush to paint the tints onto the hair. This technique lets your stylist blend the colors seamlessly. Ask your stylist about ombre color and what she suggests for color combinations. Also ask here about professional products to keep your hair in top shape and looking great.

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