Let your Hair Stick Up for the Earth

As Environmental Education Week draws to a close (April 11-17) and Earth Day is coming up (April 22), think about how a collection of small actions can add up to a significant difference.

ryan spikes
Source: pexels.com

Use a zero-sulfate shampoo: with no added salt, so the sulfates don’t strip your hair and don’t pollute groundwater, as they wash down the drain. Also make sure it’s DEA free, MEA free and carcinogen free.

Use hair products with 100% vegan ingredients: not only are animal by-products gross icky goo for your hair, but they are bad for the world and, obviously, bad for the animals they’re made from.

Use organically grown botanicals: not just botanicals or “made from organic ingredients” – but actually organically grown – meaning no synthetic pesticides or chemicals. Not only do you NOT want that residue in your hair, absorbing into your scalp, but again – bad for the planet and everything living in it.

Use hair products with recycled / recylable packaging: this part is pretty basic. “Don’t lay that trash on Oklahoma” as the state’s motto goes, and don’t dump it in some species’ yard, either.

Not tested on animals: there’s just no point in putting shampoo in the eyes of animals to see if it burns. Keep it out of your eyes.

Anastasia currently offers (and recommends) Pureology products for your hair. These are salon grade (available from your stylist) and are a great way to stick up for the Earth. They also make great gifts, and are available at good prices with any service. They also last a long time, compared to grocery store products, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

So that’s it! Stand tall for the planet! Use recycling bottles full of good stuff that doesn’t do bad stuff, hurt stuff, break stuff, or ruin stuff.

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