Jack Frost Can Nip Your Hair!

‘Tis the season for dry hair, split ends, and frizzy fro’s! Winter tends to do a lot of damage to our hair and skin because of the dry and cold air that we expose it to. We also tend to use more heat on our hair during the winter because nobody wants to walk out into the cold with wet hair. Take some extra time this year to protect your hair and keep it looking healthy. If your hair is already healthy and you want to keep it that way, think about what is going on in your environment and make some alterations to make sure that your hair stays healthy. If your hair is already in need of help, then you have some work to do!

jack frost
Image by istolethetv via Flickr

If you normally air dry your hair during warmer months but use heat on your hair during the winter months, consider using an extra layer of conditioning. You could try a leave-in conditioner that will protect hair and won’t add a lot of time to your routine – it is as simple as adding in a small amount of product. You could also try changing styling products during the winter to a product that adds moisture to your hair as well as providing hold. If you use a flat iron or curling iron, you may want to add some synthetic shine product to your routine to maintain luster into your hair.

If your hair has already been damaged, then it is time to get some professional help! How do you know that your hair is damaged? Damaged hair is not always visible to the untrained eye, but your hair will begin to behave and look badly. If it looks frizzy just at the end, it is likely that you have split ends or very dry ends. Dry hair will often tend to look just that, dry! It will lack in luster and it will feel dull to the touch. Curly hair will often frizz and begin to look like a series of flyaway strands when it gets dry and damaged.

When you get to this point it is best to see a stylist. Your stylist will evaluate the amount of damage and will often provide a conditioning treatment at the salon. If you have split or dry ends, your stylist is going to recommend that these go! A trim will take off the dry ends and will give your hair a healthier overall look. Your stylist will recommend a product for you to use at home and she will tell you how often to use it. The overuse of conditioning products can make your hair heavy and flat or even greasy looking, so it is important to find the right balance.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.
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