Inspiring Bright Hair Colors

Hot, bright colors are very much in fashion nowadays. Luxurious and amazing shades such as pink, red, orange, purple and red are extremely popular these days and you can even see celebrities in these hair colors. You might think that bright hair colors are not for you, but if done tastefully, there is nothing better than a hue of one of these bright colors in your hair.
Here are some ideas if you want to experiment a little and try a bold new color.

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Feisty Pink

A multi-tone shade of pink – going from a hot cherry pink to a soft baby pink – can do wonders for your hair. This hue works extremely well for blonde hair. The hot pink shade looks great near the roots as it gradually lightens towards the ends. The faded look appears quite natural and creates a cool effect.
If you have dark hair and you want to try a pink shade, you can first change your hair color to blonde and then go for the pink hues. Ask your hairstylist which shade is best for your skin tone before you finalize anything.

Violet Verve

If you think pink is not the best shade for you, another way to go is violet. However, don’t go for a lackluster and dull shade of purple. Go for a vibrant, glossy purple color and get a silvery shade that can be achieved by coloring your hair white blonde first.
Make sure that you take good care of your hair if you choose to go with a glossy purple because glossy hair colors shade very fast. Use a color protecting shampoo for the best results.
Violet hues look best when you try a mix of deep and light tones. This is a very trick color so try not to color your hair at home. Explain what you want to your hairstylist and let him do the magic.

Ravishing Red

If you really want to make a bold choice, then perhaps you would like to go for splashes of red. Start with a deep dark red near the roots and have it gradually lighten to a bright red near the ends. Red is an amazing color and if you ask your stylist to color your hair using the ombre balayage technique, you will end up with and amazing color.
Again, red color will fade very easily so make sure that you choose the best hair care products so that it looks amazing for a long time. When styling your hair, make sure that you infuse a lot of volume to create the perfect look.

Bouncy Blue

Blue is a great color if you have dark hair – especially black or brown. By incorporating a few blue highlights, you can instantly jazz up your hair. However, getting blue highlights in dark hair is not so easy. You’ll have to get your hair bleaches first and then have it colored blue.

Glittery Green

Sparkling green highlights are a great option for blonde hair, especially if you want to look energetic and full of life.

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