How to Style Katie Perry’s Retro Pink Quiff – Oklahoma Hairstylist

Lovely Katie Perry is no stranger to bright hair color and interesting styles. Recently she was spotted wearing her hair in a half up and down retro style and pink hair. She’s tapped into four trends at once; pink hair, dark roots, retro styling and a quiff. You can get this style easily with the help of your stylist. First have her color your hair the shade of pink you like. If you don’t want to go all out, have her place some peek-a-boo pink highlights in the back. You can also go for another color besides pink. Bright green, neon blue, sunny yellow and striking orange are all on trend right now. To really be in style have your stylist leave a bit of your roots showing. This is a trend embraced by many celebrities for a more natural and youthful look.
Style Bistro

To style her pulled back quiff start with a center part and roll the sides and top sections of your hair back. Secure these sections with hair pins and let the back fall naturally. You can use a flat iron on the back first for a smooth look, or a curling iron if you want some romantic waves. You may need to backcomb the sides of your hair just a bit to make it easier to roll, and day old hair is easier to work with since it’s not so slick. This style is reminiscent of the 1940’s and looks great for day or night. Ask your stylist to help you if you’re not sure how to do the rolls. She can show you techniques to make it easy to obtain this style, and recommend products to keep your hair looking great all day or night.

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