How to Keep Your Hair Color Looking Salon Fresh

When you get your hair colored you walk out of the salon with vibrant fresh color. How can you keep it looking good between touch ups? It’s easy to have salon fresh color between visits with a few simple tips.

Hair coloring
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  1. Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for color treated hair. These professional products contain sunscreen to help prevent oxidation and intense moisturizers to keep your hair strong.
  2. Always use heat protective products when you blow dry, flat iron or use any high heat tools on your hair. Heat from these tools can make your hair color fade quicker and the protective products provide a heat barrier to prevent damage and breakage. Many of these products also contain styling aids to make styling your hair easier.
  3. If you enjoy swimming in a chlorinated pool coat your hair with a conditioner before you dive in. Chlorine can make blond hair green and fade brunette and red hair.
  4. Always go to your stylist to have your hair colored. Box colors from the super store or grocery store are much to strong and harsh on your hair. The developer used in box colors is up to four time as strong as it needs to be. Your stylist has professional products that not only deliver superior color, but are gentle on your hair. She knows which formulas will work the best on your hair so take advantage of her experience and training.
  5. Be gentle with your color treated hair. Avoid very hot water when you wash your hair and use natural bristle brushes when styling it. Very hot water opens up the cuticle layer of your hair and can cause your hair color to fade. Also wear a hat if you are going to be out in the sun. Sunlight causes unwanted red and gold tones that make your hair look brassy.

These are a few simple tips to keep your new hair color looking its best between visits to your stylist. Be sure to keep up with your touch up appointments so that you don’t get telltale roots. Make an appointment every four to six weeks to ensure you have the color you want and look great.

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