Keeping Hair Healthy

Your hair can get as wild as you feel. Protein treatments can tame your savage frizz.

Section of a protein structure showing serine ...
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Your hair is 70% protein, and when you perm or color your hair you are sucking the protein right out of your lovely locks. That doesn’t mean you should stop, it just means that there is one more step towards beauty that you need to take to ensure that your hair is in top condition.

The truth is that the damage these things have done on you hair is repairable. It can seem like damage done by perms or hair coloring is an unfortunate but unavoidable side effect but it’s possible to rejuvenate your hair to perfect condition through regular protein treatments.

Since your hair is made of so much protein it’s a necessity to occasionally give it a helping hand by giving it a protein treatment every two to three months. Protein treatments inject the protein back into your hair to give the luster that it was meant to have.

Keeping a close eye on your hair’s health is as important as getting it trimmed or styled every so often. If your hair is getting brittle and you’re wondering why it might be time to get a protein treatment.

If your hair feels as beautiful as it looks, it might not be time to get a protein treatment. Too much protein can completely wreck your hair and make it even drier than it was before. Why make it look worse if you just wanted it to look beautiful in the first place? You have to keep a balance between hair style and hair health for long term benefits.

If you think that your hair could look healthier, call me for a consultation and see when I’m available. We’ll work together to get your hair both healthy and stylish.